Westworld Chase

I created music for this HBO Westworld car chase segment as an entry into a Spitfire Audio Scoring Competition.

All musical sounds were my adddition. The dialogue and sound effects provided by HBO. In addition to Spitfire's excellent sample libraries I used synthesizer patches I designed specifically for this piece in Zebra2. Additional plug-ings by Fabfilter, Valhalla and Soundtoys were used for further processing to animate and shape the sounds.

Demonstrates: Composition, Sound Design, Mixing


Here are some examples of the musical and abstract sounds I make on synthesizers.




Demonstrates: Synthesis, Composition, Sound Design, Mixing

Iron Giant

This short selection has been replaced with original sounds. The laser sounds were all generated via modular synthesizer, while the metal sounds were processed from original field recordings recorded in a recycling warehouse.

Various recorded sources include a vintage spotlight controls, sheet metal, the servo motors from an old VCR and a pile of Imac cases.

Demonstrates: Sound Design, Modular Synthesis, Field Recording, Use of Sound Banks, Mixing

The Terroir of Tea

This passage was recorded with an SM7 and processed with Izotope RX, Some EQ and a very light bit of Renaissance compressor. Background music quickly sequenced in numerology with the Zebra2 synthesizer and mixed with side chain compression. Leveled out with FabFilter Pro L2.

Demonstrates: Vocal Recording, Dialogue Editing, Music Composition, Mastering